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Let's Talk About Disclosure, Press Progress

Press Progress, an NDP proxy, attempts to bully Rex Murphy off the public airwaves.
Press Progress, an NDP proxy, attempts to bully Rex Murphy off the public airwaves.
Press Progress

The amount of hypocrisy swirling around l'affaire Rex Murphy is positively astounding. Aspiring LW avenging angel Andrew Mitrovica and his cohorts have responded to a scathing response by Murphy himself with the insistence that the entire matter is about "disclosure."

Well, let's talk about disclosure and one of Murphy's primary detractors: the organization calling themselves Press Progress. As it turns out, there's an awful lot they're not disclosing.

Press Progress essentially attempts to pass themselves off as a left-wing news outlet. They pretty much call themselves that. But at no point do they disclose who their donors are -- who's funding their coverage. Although they do disclose that they are "a project of the Broadbent Institute."

Why is this a big deal? Well, the Broadbent Institute in turn does not disclose its donors. But that doesn't mean that their funding is entirely a closed book. In 2011, the federal NDP wound up breaking the law in order to fund the would-be "think tank." The scheme would have allowed donors to the Broadbent Institute to camouflage their donations as political donations to the NDP, and receive a tax break on them in exchange.

And let's face it: if a donation to the Broadbent Institute isn't a donation to the NDP, it's undoubtedly a donation to an NDP proxy. And while the Broadbent Institute insists that it's non-partisan, that's a little at odds with the detail that the NDP doesn't do non-partisan. It's not in their DNA. If you believe the Broadbent Institute or Press Progress really are non-partisan, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I could sell you for cheap. As for me, I wouldn't buy that for a dollar.

With all this in mind, it becomes crystal clear that the NDP is going out of their way to bully a CBC contributor into silence because the opinions that he offers, on the CBC and elsewhere, are not to their benefit. The NDP are not supportive of the Northern Gateway or Keystone XL pipelines. They're not supportive of the oil sands in general.

If the Conservative Party were found attempting to cow a journalist, on the CBC or elsewhere, into silence, the NDP would make it quite the scandal. Now that the NDP is doing it, it should be treated as no less scandalous.

All of this is before one even begins to ask the questions about whether or not Press Progress or the Broadbent Institute has been taking any money from groups like the Tides Foundation or the Rockefeller Foundation.

Press Progress has some disclosing to do.

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