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Let's Play Ball, written by Denise Devito, Dylan Boyd and Trey Boyd

Let's Play Ball
Let's Play Ball
Denise Devito, Dylan Boyd, Trey Boyd

Three Village brothers, in collaboration with their Grandma, author a children’s book called Let’s Play Ball, available now through

Denise Devito co-wrote Let’s Play Ball with her grandson’s Dylan and Trey Boyd. Dylan, 10 years old, and Trey, 9 years old, both attend Setauket Elementary. Their new book, Let’s Play Ball, focuses on the importance of having fun playing sports. The book is written from the perspective of children and their thoughts during and after sports game and specifically addresses the pressures of winning versus having fun.

When asked about the experience of writing the book, Trey said “It made me happy and I learned a lot.” Along with co-writing the book, Dylan designed the concept for the book cover.

In addition to being a mother and grandmother, Denise has over 24 years’ experience with OB and GYN as an Ultrasound Technologist. Denise explained that she was looking for a summer project during the time on Friday’s when she watched her grandsons. Denise said, “I wanted us to use our minds to do something creative.” She explained, “It was one of the nicest times spent with my grandchildren as I watched their little minds open up.”

Denise hopes that readers will understand that although loosing is part of all sports, children should place a higher value on the experience of playing the game including respecting other children. “Even when you may lose, you will always come home to parents that love you,” she said.

For more information and to purchase the book, visit

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