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Let's NOT Investigate

Stop It
Stop It

It was announced yesterday that despite a request from the head of the union representing the Quebec provincial police force - Jean-Guy Dagenais - someone who you'd think would have some pull, our provincial government headed by the (now less than) right honorable Jean Charest has decided that an investigation into allegations of corruption in our province isn't warranted.

Rather than a concerted effort to get to the root cause, Premier Charest prefers to simply nickel and dime the process with regular police investigations into specific individuals. Amazingly, what drove Mr. Dagenais to his conclusion was the revelation that the provincial transport agency didn't report not one, but two attempts back in 2004 to fix bids for winter snow removal contracts. Montreal's police brotherhood has also closed ranks in demanding such an inquiry. Guess Mr. Charest, with his extensive background in law enforcement, knows better than a combined two thirds of our province's experts.

We certainly wouldn't want to waste the taxpayers money on such an effort - said dollars are much better spent informing the population at large what a great job the government is doing spending it.