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Let's Investigate

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Now here again is the word game of deriving words from other words. Let’s investigate the
word ‘investigate’.How many words can you derive from that? You are allowed to use plurals
and proper names. This particular word is rich in foreign words, German, Norwegian, French,
Spanish, Polish and Latin in particular.
There are probably several other foreign words this writer missed. Considering the fact that
this is a fairly longword it isn’t rich in English words and has a fairly large amount of foreign words.

So, after you’ve struggled coming up with more than one hundred English words,
if you’re versed in several of the foreign languages used here, try to find an additional fifty.

English words:
Invite, seven, vegetate, sieve, save, sit, invite, site, seat, sent, saving, staining, tie, ties, vest,
gate, in, stag, stage, tag,tags, state, tea, vine, tine, gin, gat, gnat, vat, vintage, age, vent, stave,
gave, ate, eat, ingest, stating, give, sate, stein,testing, test, gas, east, tease, teasing, gene, neat,
nest, nests, net, netting, negate, sing, sting, instate, vagina, vase,vast, vain, gain, gait, ait, sag,
sage, aging, get, set, via, see, seen, seat, an, van, vitiate, agent, Stan, tan, nesting, sit,
sat, sin, Steve, Steven, even, given, vegan, net, invest, nag, stint, tint, tent, ant, tin, sitting,
setting, stain, sane, tat,testing, vines, taint, vat, ten, attain, ease, easing, stet, seat, titan,
stage, stain, vein, tang, teat, tan, taste, snit, Tate,Nate, it, at, estate, net, singe, veal, tavern,
Vern, aver

Now here are some foreign words
German: ein, Tag, Gast, Ast, Angst
(this word is constantly mispronounced by English speakers! It’s pronounced ‘ahngst’,
not a-as in way, -ngst) tat, Tante, eng,Ente, Tinte

French: gant, vin, en, se, te, est, va, été, tete. Geste. Vite, ni

Spanish: sin, ti, este, esta, santé, venga, si

Norwegian: gav, ting, ta, vet, nat, tee, sig, vage, vente, sta, sti, sier, vi, gi, stige, nese,

Italian: estate,

Latin: ave

Dutch: gat

Russian and Polish: na
There are several words that cross over into different languages



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