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Let's have a cart party



Sometimes when I'm in the mall, I won't make eye contact with the people who sell their wares from those kiosk carts. It's not that I think they don't have nice merchandise, I just feel too exposed having my teeth whitened in the middle of the floor at Westside Pavilion. Now that my daughter is a teen, we both breeze by pretending we have an emergency earring purchase to make at Nordstrom and just don't have a minute to spare. However, when she was a toddler and not confined to her stroller, I sometimes had to endure a mini hand treatment that made me smell like old apricots for the rest of the day because baby girl was so curious, she made a beeline to the smiling hawker, I mean salesperson holding the bottle of lotion.
Today, I took a trip down memory lane, when I saw another mother trying to distract her son, before he ventured into the land of "The Rosetta Stone" language tapes. I think the bright yellow boxes, all nine-hundred of them, caught his eyes. Too late, the little guy was swaying in a hypnotic state in front of the cart. Poor woman didn't stand a chance because after that salesperson finished with her, the CD's were going to live at her house.
If only, oh If only, the mom had known about the Plant Discovery Carts at The Huntington Library 
The carts are a hands on activity for children ages three and up to engage them in exploration of gardens. The carts are located at the Lily Pond, Desert Garden  and Japanese Garden every Saturday. Cost: Free with admission price.
1151 Oxford Road San Marino, Ca (626) 405-2128