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Let's go Vegan at the 118 Degrees Community Cafe!

Are you looking to eat healthy for your New Year’s Resolution? Well, why not try going vegan at the 118 Degrees Community Café. Their mission is to educate the world about the power of gourmet living foods!

Let's go Vegan at the 118 Degrees Community Cafe!
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

If you are in the mood to eat healthy, there should not be any issue with trying to find a 118 Degrees Community Café because there are three convenient locations in Orange County, including Anaheim. Throughout the year, this restaurant offers several different events like Cooking with the Chef Classes, Chef’s Table Classes, along with various events for each month. The food here is desired so much that Chef Jenny Ross was able to teach people how to cook healthy on Rock Center with Brian Williams.

Some of you may be interested in going through detox, well, the 118 Degrees Community Café has a few detox programs like the Beauty Three Day Cleanse, the Wellness Warrior Three Day Cleanse, and other meal programs to help detox. Now, if you do not feel like dropping in for a meal then you can have them cater to you with plates like pizza and pasta, Greek platters, dessert platters, small bites platters, Spanish platters, or the salad and sandwich platter. At every location, they have their very own products that customers can purchase, including food choices, kitchen essentials, lifestyle and baby options.

There is no need to wake up bright and early for breakfast because the 118 Degrees Community Café serves your morning favorites all day. Guests can choose from plates like caramel crepes, their buckwheat bowl, or the apple coffee cake. Maybe you would like to try the smothered banana which is a fresh banana split and covered with almond butter, cinnamon, and buckwheat crisps.

A great way to eat healthy for lunch or dinner is to enjoy a variety of meals that this restaurant has to offer. Some entrée favorites include fried avocado rolled tacos, Portobello soft tacos, surfer sandwiches, and paninis. However, there are more options from wraps to pasta and 118 specialties like the chipotle ranch wrap, lemon pesto pasta, mole enchiladas, baja burrito, the baja, and living lasagna.

The only way to wash your meal down is by sipping on some of their delicious specialty drinks. Whether you want to change your diet or just want to try something new, it definitely is worth dining at the 118 Degrees Community Café.