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Let's go camping: 5 terrifying horror films about camping

Summer has been here for a while now and many of us have been camping since Memorial Day Weekend. So what happens when you add horror movies and camping together? Well you get these five movies:

1."Don't Go in the Woods" (1981)

A graphic and very very low-budget 80s slasher that is about four young campers that decide to go on a relaxing vacation, but their camping trip is being 'cut' short after a madman is killing off campers. James Bryan directed the movie.

2. "The Forest" (1982)

Two best friends and their girlfriends decide to go to the local forest, they don't know that there is a cannibal hermit that attacks campers and hikers and uses them for his food supply. Donald Jones directed the movie and Dean Russell, Gary Grant, and John Batis starred in this 80s slasher. It's a very low budget movie that nevertheless can be watched for free on Youtube.

3. "Deliverance" (1972)

John Boorman directed "Deliverance," a film that looks at a very disturbing and freaky camping trip. Four adult friends decide to go a canoe trip. They learn real fast about the country and the 'locals.' Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, and Ronny Cox played the four friends. Still to this day the movie is unsettling to watch and it might then twice on going camping in the woods or canoeing for that matter.

4. "The Burning" (1981)

"The Burning," is about a summer camp caretaker, who wants to get his revenge on a New York summer camp after what happened to him years before. It has some ultraviolet scenes (the canoe scene) that will churn any ones stomach. Tony Maylam directed the film and it starred early roles by Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter.

5. "Friday the 13th" (1980)

Of course one can't forget about "Friday the 13th." Several young Camp Counselors get wiped out one by one by a mysterious killer in Crystal Lake. This iconic movie started many sequels and reboots that dealt with hockey mask wearing Jason Voorhees.

So those are your creepy outdoors movies that will make you think twice on taking a trip back with nature. The list if you haven't noticed is full of mostly 80s slashers, it looks like directors during that time were afraid of the woods.

Please share more of these kind of movies in the comment area!

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