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Let’s Get Chemicals Out of Our Kids Foods and Our Environment

Since the 1950’s people have been aware that chemicals in our foods can cause health problems. Regardless of this awareness many companies still put these chemicals into foods especially into foods that children eat. Also, since the 50’s people have known that pesticides and herbicides are dangerous for children but they are still in use.
Did you know that manufacturers can decide to add a chemical to their food without contacting the FDA? This article will give you information about why and also explain how chemicals in our foods are regulated.
For the top 5 food additives and what they can do to us see Did anyone ever tell you not to breathe in the delicious smell of microwave popcorn? This article explains why you shouldn’t.
CNN Health explored this topic at They report that in 2010 Subway took Azodicarbonamide (a dough strengthener) out of their bread and discuss other chemicals to avoid.
The Breast Cancer Fund has an extensive list of harmful household chemicals at It will help you make sure that you close your windows when your inconsiderate neighbor is spraying pesticides. Maybe if you are brave enough you can ask them to stop spraying. If they refuse you can contact your local congressional representative and be put on a chemical sensitivity list so they can’t spray when you and your children are home.
Hopefully after reading these articles you will go into your pantry and refrigerator and freezer and read the ingredients in yours and your children’s food. If you find any chemicals or dyes listed please contact the companies that make the products and ask them to stop including chemicals and dyes in their products.

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