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Let's face it, peeps: Lot's to like about Josh Freeman!

A friend pointed out earlier on facebook that Monday will be the Minnesota Vikings 11th starting quarterback since Daunte Culpepper tore his knee. Not exactly an impressive statistic. But here is one: Josh Freeman, the Vikings starter to-be and newly acquired hope out of Tampa Bay can actually play. And no, I didn't intend for that to rhyme - kind of like the Vikings didn't intend for Christian Ponder to be a bust.

Can you believe I actually said it? The biggest Ponder defender under the sun, another embarrassing statistic; something you're only aware of if you've followed my columns with any sort of veracity. It's a shameful admittance to be certain but I can well assure you that aura of shame will avoid you if becoming a Freeman advocate worries you as much as the advocacy of Ponder well equated with avoiding the plague; because let's face it, the Vikings QB situation of the last several years - certainly the Musgrave era - has been the equivalent of a bubonic one. And for that you don't even need my facebook friend's assurance.

You need only to be a fan not in denial - or dissatisfied with sub sixty passer ratings. Sadly, that's become the norm for Ponder. And Matt Cassell wasn't exactly improving matters; a fact that was hardly indiscernible - as confirmed by Ponder's immediate elevation back into the reserve role; a role that - let's face it - he was as meant for as syrup for pancakes. This really was evident to anyone witnessing him awkwardly elevated into the prominence of the upper 2011 1st round out of Florida State; to everyone not in denial like me, that is - even to Seminole fans!

Christian Ponder simply does not possess Josh Freeman talent. He will be the first to admit this, likely. And if you believe the Star Tribune's Jim Souhan, Freeman will likely beat him to the punch. Hopefully just as his receivers will beat Giants cornerbacks to the end zone Monday night. One thing I am certain of is that a reader should take the impetus of a Souhan with greater predication of a yours truly since he's, obviously, more skilled with the pen and has been since he began growing facial hair - or losing cranial hair (whichever came first).

I kid. But do yourself a favor and focus on (Souhan's) and Freeman's prospects and boasts of greatness over Ponder's defensiveness of solvency expediting that fractured rib of his. Clearly solvency was never in doubt; if it were we'd be hearing far less of Freeman's prospects and far more of the fracturing of something far more vital to Ponder...his ego!

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