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Let's do the "Time Warp": The Rocky Horror Picture Show!


Feel like doing the Time Warp again? Then go to the Showplace Movie Palace Thursday (29th), Friday (30th), or Saturday (31st- Halloween) and see The Rocky Horror Picture Show

If you're a long-time fan of the film, you know what's in store. If you're a Rocky Horror Virgin, prepare to be dazzled and bewildered with a one-of-a-kind tale. "Rocky Horror" tells the tale of Brad and Janet; A  hero and heroine who just wanted to use the phone.

Those of you with a sense of fun in your romantic outings will sure appreciate the movie's uncontested genre. There is comedy, action, romance, and plenty of raunchy humor. The Rocky Horror Virgin should know this is an interactive film. The audience will not get the full effect of the show unless they are willing to participate in the sing-alongs and random outbursts that don't make a whole ton of sense.

The Showplace offers tickets at the very reasonable price of $6.00 a person for the midnight showings. The ideal night to go would be Halloween because die hard fans will be there in full form. Many RHPS goers will be dressed up in costume of their favorite character. Feel free to dress up as well! Or wear your Halloween costume to the grand gala! Either way, be prepared for a night of absolute pleasure!