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Let's celebrate our independence with the world's best burger!

I discovered one of the best ways to make a Fourth of July hamburger by the good folks at Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce, so that way you can enjoy one of the best burgers, today. World’s Best Burger definitely caught my eye and I just had to see if it truly deserved the title it has acclaimed. Keep this a secret just between you and me, but hamburgers also make for a delightful excuse to eat French fries, which miraculously tasted amazing dunked in Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce.

Nothing is better than a nice, grilled hamburger the Fourth of July.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

I have never tried Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce before, but the wrapping looked familiar. The sauce is sold in several different grocery stores around the United States. In Orange County, you can find it at Walmart at around $3.

Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce has a sweet, smokey, and slightly tangy kick. The sauce delivers so much flavor to the burgers. I know Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce should just be used on hamburgers, but I liked plunging my fries into the sauce.

However, some of you may find the sauce to be a bit too tangy. Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is lighter than barbecue sauce, but full of taste.

Here is what you will need for the World’s Best Burger:

Two and a half pounds of ground sirloin (I like to use a cheaper ground meat, but the sirloin is quite delicious)
Half a package of Lipton Onion Soup mix
Three-eighths of a cup of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce (I did not measure this exactly, but used slightly less than half a cup)
One tablespoon of seasoned salt (Country Bob’s also has this product. After taking a shot at this sauce, I would like to try the seasoned salt too.)

Combine all the ingredients and make into burgers. Grill and top with more sauce to celebrate your independence, today.

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