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Let's Catch up: Fourth of July Week!

The Great Muta appearing on TNA t.v!
The Great Muta appearing on TNA t.v!
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After a pretty decent Money in the Bank Pay Per View, WWE had one of the best Monday Night Raw's of the year (and I missed it due to being out of town). The help of technology and Friday Night SmackDown replaying every moment from Raw was comforting on my return home to the beltway. So let's hope into the best bits from the holiday week!

  • John Cena won the WWE World Title (15 time champion) at the MITB pay per view and showed up on Raw to Triple H and Stefanie McMahon congratulating him. After Cena yelled and made it clear he didn't trust the Authority, HHH made reference to having a 'plan b', which could mean a few things (maybe Brock Lesnar, who knows).
  • Triple H also revealed the news that Cena will be on the cover of WWE 2k15. Last's year cover was The Rock with an alternate cover of Daniel Bryan on the other side of the print. These games are getting better and better, and if you haven't bought a WWE game in awhile, maybe you should pick this one up.
  • John Cena will defend his WWE World Heavyweight title at the Battleground PPV against Randy Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns.
  • AJ Lee, the Miz and Chris Jericho all made returns on Raw, with AJ beating Paige (aw, poor thing) for the Divas title, The Miz being interrupted by Jericho and Jericho being interrupted by the Wyatts. (There will be another article on this story very soon!)
  • 'Bad News' Barrett was stripped of the IC title (due to surgery on his injured shoulder) and there will be a battle royal match. If they are going to have a big battle royal every year at WrestleMania, shouldn't they stop using them so much throughout the rest of the year? Hopefully he will return (safety, safety first then teamwork) before his push gets forgotten.
  • For all of the readers that hang on to my TNA writings (I know, I laughed too), The Great Muta was back on TNA television for an episode scheduled to take place who knows when. Muta is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time (check out his early work on the WWE Network in the WCW PPV section) and I look forward to skipping to his appearance on the show and then quickly deleting it from my DVR.
  • WWE Diva Emma was arrested for shop lifting at a Wal-Mart and was released. She was reinstated on the same day. She's a lovely gal and said it was a mistake (although with the pay cuts from WWE, maybe it wasn't a mistake).

Seth Rollins tried to cash in his newly won MITB contract against a knocked out Cena but Dean Ambrose (@TheDeanAmbrose) stopped him and promised to stop him every time. This is cooking up to be a fantastic rivalry and I hope they can hold off a match until SummerSlam. Being without internet and cable after a mini vacation to the mountains has me playing catch up, but stay tuned to articles on Y2J, Jack Swagger (a Face?!?!) and my top 10 WWE Themes of all Time! Watch the moneymaker!

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