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Let's call a nut bar, a nut bar


I have a bone to pick with Starbucks.  Or perhaps I have a nut to pick.  It was recently announced by Starbucks that they are discontinuing their brand-new gluten-free offering, Starbucks Orange Valencia cake.  Quel domage!  Starbucks' very first item specifically intended for the gluten-free community, and it only lasted about four weeks.  Well, I have to tell you, there is a good reason for this "discontinuation".  Not only is the product not very good, it's not even a cake!  The main ingredients in the alleged "cake" are:  eggs, orange pulp, almonds, sugar and orange peel.  Where are the cake-like ingredients?  A cake is not supposed to have "crunchy" properties.  A cake is supposed to be made with flour (gluten-free or otherwise), and have a soft, fluffy consistency.  Starbucks GF Orange Valencia "cake" has none of these properties, so at least they should have called it what it is--a nut bar--as opposed to teasing the gluten-free population by calling it a cake.  I know, I am supposed to be in favor of any gluten-free item that is featured in mainstream outlets like Starbucks because it raises awareness about celiac disease and gluten intolerance in general, but, my job is to advocate for GOOD, fresh gluten-free foods.  I am not in favor of calling a nut bar a "cake".  That does not raise awareness.  That just re-introduces the belief that there are no such things as light, fluffy, delicious, gluten-free baked items, and that is simply not true.  I don't think we should ask for gluten-free foods, rather, I think we should ask for good, delicious gluten-free foods.  Here is a picture of what a real gluten-free cake looks like:


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  • carrie 5 years ago

    i thought the gluten free cake at starbucks was very much a cake when it was fresh from the freezer. Almond meal/flour, oranges, sugar, and eggs, do indeed make a fluffy delicious gluten free cake when properly stored.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Did you ever try one of the Valencia Orange Cakes? Apparently not. Yes, it was made with almonds, but they were ground up to make almond flour and the cake was indeed a cake - fluffy and soft, not crunchy. Maybe you should try the product before criticizing it.

  • Laura 5 years ago

    Wow. I for one am EXTREMELY dissapointed. The Valencia Orange cake was just that- A CAKE. It was moist, soft and delicious. Did you even look at it before writing this article?? This is just irresponsible journalism.

  • bman 5 years ago

    youre an idiot