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Let's build our home out of Styrofoam!

As the headline reads, "Let's build our home out of Styrofoam!" No, this writer hasn't lost his mind. It seems that Styrofoam homes may be an echo friendly, and pocket book friendly alternative to conventionally built homes.

Styrofoam Blocks
Gerry Glenn Jones

There are several different types of Styrofoam building systems for houses, but we will talk about the "Insulating Concrete Form" (ICF) homes in this article. BuildBlock Building Systems of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma describes the features of their building systems and their strength.

"BuildBlock ICFs are one of the strongest and energy-efficient building materials available today. ICFs are used to build small and large homes, schools, churches, and other commercial buildings. Choosing ICFs for your next construction project means saving money each and every month and feeling secure in your home.

Building with ICFs decreases your utility bills 40%-60% each month and makes your home quiet, comfortable and disaster resistant. They do not rust, decay or attract termites. They are earthquake-resistant. In fact, models tested by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) did not merely meet earthquake standards; they remained fully intact after being shaken harder than the strongest earthquakes ever recorded. Styrofoam™ houses can withstand typhoons, too.

The walls are treated with a flame retardant that emits no toxic fumes during a fire. Construction is quick and easy. The prefabricated pieces, which each weigh about 175 pounds, can be carried by two or three people and assembled in a few hours. They have excellent thermal-insulation properties, resulting in higher energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs. Tests performed by the FAS found that Styrofoam™ can cut heating and cooling costs by 50% to 60%, in some cases."

Check out the video in this article of a couple building their own Styrofoam home.

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