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Let's all go to the movies

Movies can be expensive, but the Summer Movie Express changes that
Movies can be expensive, but the Summer Movie Express changes that
Warner Theater in Erie, PA

It is summer and you are looking for escape from the heat and a way to entertain your kids. Just think for a minute about the last time you were sitting in a movie theater. Picture yourself, imagine yourself, and feel yourself in the cool, comfort of the air conditioned theater, enjoying a movie, your popcorn in one hand and an ice-cold drink in the other. Now imagine that experience intensified by the fact that you can take your kids and not spend an arm and a leg for that cool, relaxing comfort. There is a way. Contact your local Regal Cinema and ask about the Summer Movie Express. For 9-weeks of summer, participating Regal Cinemas, United Artists and Edwards Theatres will offer selected G or PG rated movies for only a dollar on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10:00. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is true. And here is an even better reason to participate. A portion of the proceeds from the Summer Movie Express are donated to the Will Rogers Institute.

Health and wellness are keys to a happy life. The Will Rogers Institute provides medical research pertaining to cardio-pulmonary diseases and is dedicated to educating the general public on topics of health and fitness. It is a great tribute to the famous satirist Will Rogers.
Now picture, imagine, and feel yourself relieved knowing the kids are not just sitting at home watching “Judge Judy” or “hanging out” on Facebook or getting into trouble with the kid down the street…you know the one. Peace and bliss abound in the house because you took the time to get them out, but still in AC where you don’t have to hear, “It’s toooo hot!”

When you get time, go online and check out all the information and research you helped make possible by donating to the Will Rogers Institute. Information is available about asthma, smoking and second hand smoke, stress management, teens and stress, sleep apnea and much more. And you can donate every week of summer during the Summer Movie Express.

Remember the first paragraph above? When you read it, could you actually feel the cool theater? Were you able to taste the cold drink? Did you relax just a little? If you felt any of these things, you just experienced a small sample of hypnosis. By the way, if you do go to the movies and you find yourself so involved you actually cry, laugh, jump, scream or otherwise react to the scene on the screen…you’re in a hypnotic state at that time. You see, we go in and out of hypnosis all day, every day. If you want to experience it in more detail and feel more relaxed than you ever have, contact a local Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist. For now…enjoy the movie!


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