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Let Odd Hours Take You On A Post-Punk Journey

If you are wanting to experience striking punk rock, Odd Hours can definitely take you on that journey. The Detroit rock quartet's song "Khalesei," which takes on themes of personal power as well as corruption electrifies any speaker it's played on. The zest, zeal and emotion the band pours into the song produces a captivating reverberation that is measured and meticulously fleshed out.

Odd Hours' "Khaleesi"
Odd Hours

Forming in 2010, Odd Hours include Natasha Beste, whose impassioned vocals provide a flirtatious sound encompassed by by guitarist Tim Jagielo, bassist Clint Stewart and Randy Hanley on drums. While Odd Hours have been compared to Siouxsie and the Banshees, they are in driving in a post-punk rock lane of their own.

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