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Let Netflix help your child get in the spirit of science fair season

Get in the  Science Fair spirit this March with Netflix

It’s officially science fair season and no matter where a child’s interest lie, there are some tried n’ true (but simple!) ways to spark creativity and excitement at home without having to pull out a chemistry set. In fact, Netflix has 4 easy steps to help parents ensure that this little “take-home assignment” for their kids doesn’t suddenly become just homework for them. Check out the steps below:

  1. Science Fair projects don’t have to reach into the depths of physics or chemistry, and they certainly don’t have to be intimidating. Jumpstart kids’ scientific creativity with a quick and easy light bulb experiment – it’s an easy way to bring home what’s being taught at school, but in a way that’s interactive for adults and kids alike.
  1. Just about everything you do in the kitchen can relate back to science, but the process of making candy is a great way to talk about science and chemistry, in a fun, safe, and exciting way. Further kids’ science knowledge while indulging your sweet tooth with this honeycomb candy recipe. As you add the secret ingredient (baking soda!) to boiled sugar, the mixture will bubble and quadruple in volume.
  1. From great options for older kids like How Stuff Works, Build It Bigger and Mythbusters to options for younger kids like Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Magic School Bus, Netflix has a variety of TV shows and movies that will help jump start kids' imaginations and get the whole family excited about a winning science fair idea.
  1. Commonsense Media has 13 more ways to help motivate, inform, and engage kids this science fair season. For more information click here.

Here’s to putting on your lab coat and getting crafty!