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Let my people go Obama !

President Obama has made comparisons between passing his agenda and slavery What is slavery? According to the online edition of the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is "submission to a dominating influence or the state of a person who is a chattel of another".

Throughout history, minorities have been the victims of slaves; Jews, blacks, and anyone who has suffered through the violence of the majority. The oppressors never see themselves as such. Southern Negro slaveholders would claim some divine right to keep slaves and that they were doing them a favor.

Slavery is never right; it is never justified under any circumstances. A person should be free from the control of any individual or group of individuals. Being in the majority does not confer the right to enslave others.

Today, I am in the minority of people who pay taxes in America. Most people do not pay anything in taxes. Many receive more in government aid than they pay. Essentially, a minority of people are enslaved to the majority. 1 % of people pay 37 % of all the taxes collected by government http:// There is no moral justification for this whatsoever. Liberals argue that richer people have more money, they should be taxed more. The more you work, the more you should pay according to them. This is no different than saying a Negro slave in 1800 should be a slave because he is the one doing all the work. Some people say this is the result of a democracy; where the majority has the right to decide right and wrong; might makes right is their argument. Such an argument must be rejected outright. Democracy must be kept in check. That is why we have a Constitution of basic rights that not even the majority of people can take away.

Republicans and Democrats argue how much to tax people. The so- called "Bush tax cuts" are a matter of debate. Democrats want to keep taxing the wealthier minority while the Republicans want to keep taxing them at the lower rate. Both are fundamentally flawed. Income tax is slavery. No one should be made to work and no one's rewards from work should be taken away.

Slavery is never right, even if the majority says it is.


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