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Let Moments Be Fully Realized

Much of our enjoyment in various aspects of our life are due to the five senses we all possess. Those senses are of vision, hearing, taste, odour and touch. Most often in our day to day lives, we simply take those senses all for granted. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, how many times do we ignore simply enjoying the scent of fresh brewed coffee steaming in the cup before taking that first sip. When walking outside for the first time in a day, do we really look around at the sky, the clouds, nearby trees or even newly blooming flowers? Do the sounds of the local birds chirping their greetings reach your consciousness? Perhaps not.

It could be if one thinks back over previous days, they feel a blur of activity but no particular reactions to surroundings providing memories of enjoying moments using some or all of those five senses with a conscious thought. Consider if during those days past, a visit to a nearby park occurred. Did the visit include taking a mobile device, having your attention focus on other than being outdoors in a park? Did the visit include using an attachment to that mobile device with a hearing device so the actual sounds around you were ignored? Often in this modern era of the use of smart phones, this is the way many individuals are now ignoring their surroundings but merely interacting with a hand-held device.

If day after day is spent with senses detached from the world even if outside, consider simply taking yourself and using those five senses consciously to a park and enjoying the experience. Realize that the mind needs relaxation and with the senses fully engaged it is possible to even be exercising all the while taking in the surrounding sights and sounds. It may be a little squirrel runs across your path, or some small newly hatched ducklings are swimming in a nearby pool. Or it could be sitting down on a grassy area and the smell of newly cut grass brings back memories of a childhood day. Our senses connect us to memories often long-forgotten events, but pleasurable ones. It is new connections with using our senses that can trigger reminiscing of times in the past, which then can enhance a new trip or an adventure.

Give yourself a challenge the next time there are a few extra hours in the day for exploring. Walk within four blocks of your home, make sure you are really looking around at the scenes before you and don't forget to look up at the sky enjoying any cloud formations too. Think about sounds around you, whether it is children playing and laughing, or a neighbour calling a hello from their garden. Stop along the way too, if there is a bench and just enjoy the time spent in that very place. Relax and realize the five senses are all working together to give you another memorable moment.

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