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Let Lou Ferrigno Help You Find Your Muscles This Saturday on the Santa Monica

Lou Ferrigno.
Lou Ferrigno.

So you're feeling a little flabby and want to work out but can't seem to be motivated. You THINK you've got some muscles underneath that muffin top, but you need a push. How about a helpful push from "The Incredible Hulk?"

Ahhhh, how it takes me back to being a little kid -- walking around on the Universal Studios lot with my Aunt, and who comes walking up is Mister Green himself, complete with tattered shorts. My aunt says, "Hey Hulk? How 'bout an autograph?" And he says something to the effect that he has all this makeup on his hands and he doesn't have a pen.

I'm just kinda stymied that he's even talking to us and NOT even in character like he was on break or something....was he on the way to the bathroom?

So, SHE says, "Well, how 'bout a handprint, then?" GEESH, can you say PUSHY? I'm surprised he didn't hand print her over her mouth.

That ACTUALLY WOULD have been cool to have handprints of the Hulk, but I think he just shook his head or mumbled... or perhaps he didn't even hear her request. And no, I'm not making fun of a hearing disability. Just saying I don't remember his reaction exactly...maybe it was more of a shrug? I'm too OLD to remember back that far! I was 9 ?

My POINT is that Lou Ferrigno himself can lend you a hand with your fitness goals this summer and he wants to do it FOR FREE.

Athlete and actor Lou Ferrigno and his daughter will be out at Santa Monica Pier every Saturday at 9am from July 12-Aug. 16 to help you discover your muscles - something he would know a thing or two about.

The series taught by this father-daughter fitness team is called Hey There Muscles - Lean Fitness by FerrignoFIT.

Hey There Muscles was designed by the Ferrigno family and their team of dietitians and workout gurus to be a 360-health experience from mind to muscle. It's gonna be a complete overhaul of mind, body and spirit with classes focused on creating lean muscle and healthy living and eating habits.

Of course - you KNOW that hulk wants to get into your head.

Here's what's going down:

Class Schedule

July 12 - Start with Determination - Lou Ferrigno and NASM certified personal trainer and Yogaworks yogi, Mike Dunlavy

July 19 - Habits for Longevity - Lou's wife and author, Carla Ferrigno and Equinox instructors, the Double Time Twins

July 26 - Stop Self Sabotage - FerrignoFIT CEO, Shanna Ferrigno and Nike Master Trainer, Joselynne Boschen

August 2 - Importance of Food - Hilary Perez and Chris Minnes

August 9 - Exercise by Body Type - Kim Ward and Karen Jashinsky

August 16 - Building Your Fitness Family - The whole Ferrigno family

Each week features a different acclaimed FerrignoFIT instructor in a judgment-free environment for all levels.

Judgement-free? I'm soooo not used to that :)

The series is based off the full 12-week Incredibly Fit by FerrignoFIT program. Ferrigno Fit is NOT just an exercise routine. It's a comprehensive fitness program that offers personalized meal plans, workouts, recipes, lifestyle tips and more.

It's a community focused on positive habits, lifestyles, and ideas. And who doesn't want to be Lou Ferrigno's neighbor. Doug and Carrie Heffernan liked it.

Check out the FerrignoFIT website - it's cleverly GREEN, as Lou is loved by all for being the Incredible Hunk......errrr, I mean, HULK.

Your hunk/hulk is waiting for you at the west end of the pier.

Now, all you have to do is get out of bed Saturday mornings and get your butt down there. Lou will take it from there.

And if you DON'T GO, you are going to be ANGRY. VERY, VERY Angry. And you won't LIKE yourself when your angry, waking up at 11am and eating donuts, cuz you still won't be able to see those muscles and say, "Hey There."

Look Aunt Francis, I'm Hangin' With The Hulk!

~The Anti-Aging Analyst

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