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Let it snow...or not

So, Christmas has come and gone, and we're all in the thick of winter. For many in Savannah, "winter" means 60 degree highs and 40 degree lows. But that's why we love it here, right? So it should come as no surprise that over the past week, a snowstorm was to make its way through Coastal Georgia and actually give us a little bit of that powdery goodness we very rarely see unless we travel north.

Commence mass hysteria.

With the temperature dropping to a chilly 20ish degrees, schools, libraries, and various other businesses here actually closed to the impending snow and ice that old man winter was sending our way. Maybe it's my northerner-side showing, but after driving in blizzards and replacing car parts in 30 degree weather, this didn't remotely bother me. Instead, I had a good laugh at just how much of our quirky city stopped running over something that didn't happen (Atlanta, however, is a totally different story).

But this is a great lesson for those living in Savannah. In particular, if you live in one of the older, more established Savannah neighborhoods, then it's very likely you have quite a bit of trees. I'm speaking in particular to those living in midtown, southside, and a fair amount in the Islands.

It's very important to keep your trees trimmed at this time of year. If we did get any thick ice building on the tree branches, it's entirely likely the added weight can make the branches fall, and either damage your home, bring down a power line, or perhaps a worst case scenario, a cable line. How many of us have been reduced to living like savages or recreating Lord of The Flies because we've had no internet?

In all seriousness, though, please watch the trees in your yards and make sure they're not in a position to hard your home or possibly injure you or your family. This is something that's definitely worth the money to have maintained, and can save you a lot of problems in the hurricane season or during winter storms.

- E

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