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Let It Snow!

My Backyard
Christine J. Henry, Amateur photographer

I like that saying on my Christmas decorations but not sure if I like it in reality. The snow is beautiful, cleans the air outside and makes everything look bright and clean but...can be a real nuisance when you have to shovel it to get out of your house and garage. To prevent injuries due to overexertion and exposure to the weather, these preventative measures can help.

  • Always dress accordingly. Multiple layers help trap warm air and you can always take a layer off if you need to.
  • Limber up before tackling a big shoveling job. Stretching arm, leg and back muscles before and after shoveling can help prevent strains, sprains and muscle spasms.
  • Protect your wrist joints with an ace bandage wrap for extra support.
  • Wear sunglasses and sunscreen to protect your eyes and skin from the sun's glare on sunny days.
  • Always wear gloves and ones that will grip the shovel or snowblower firmly.
  • Weatherproof boots are also a necessity that also have enough grip on the soles to prevent a slip and fall.

Okay, now that you are prepared to get out there and tackle that snow, think about that nice cup of hot cocoa you will make as a reward after all your hard work. Marshmallows anyone??


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