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Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain!

I know, no traffic.  Crazy, huh?
I know, no traffic. Crazy, huh?
J.E. Neil

It’s raining in Los Angeles today and you’d think that Santa arrived early. Cloudy, cold days in the Southland with puddles on the ground, a need for umbrellas, hot chocolate and maybe a fire in the fireplace after school? The kids are so excited, it’s as if each of them awoke this morning to find a puppy curled up beside them in bed. It’s sad, really. Living in the land of eternal sunshine is not normal. Few of us bemoan inclement weather. Quite the opposite. We celebrate it as if we participated in a rain dance and our prayers were answered. Just the anticipation of raindrops falling on our heads is considered a fascinating conversation starter. See here, I’ve written a whole paragraph on it already and said almost nothing. Maybe if it rained here all the time like it does in Seattle, we wouldn’t like it so much but that’s never going to happen. Global warming is real; it needs to be taken seriously, but if our children all live to be 100, they still won’t be making snowmen with their children’s children – not in Los Angeles anyway. However, one of the great advantages to residing in this city is that we have mountains – real ones – and it snows in those mountains. Depending on where you live, you could have a snowball fight within an hours’ drive of your home. Then in the evening, you could head to the Pacific and watch the sunset on the water. You’ll pass out afterwards from exhaustion and it might take the kids a few days to recover, but you could do it. And that’s one of the six reasons people live in the city of Angels. (I haven’t narrowed down the other five.)

Here’s a bunch of errant info about enjoying some snow play this holiday season in Southern California:

Pick up some saucers, sleds, mittens, snow pants, boots, hats and scarves at Target, Big 5, Play It Again Sports, Sports Authority, Sports Chalet or REI.  Or do as I often do and borrow from friends.

Then head to the snow. Wait for the roads to clear.

Frazier Park/Mt. Pinos doesn’t have a single website to recommend, but they will have snow. This webpage will give you weather conditions and take you elsewhere for more info. It’s a pretty quick trip up the 5 and doesn’t require a lot of thought.

Wrightwood is also not far, also has no good website BUT easy to get to when it stops snowing. Again, depending on where you live, you’ll ultimately take the 15N to CA-138W. Mapquest it. Easily a day trip. Get a parking pass at the ranger station. Check the weather first.

Lake Arrowhead: check out this picture from their live webcam. It’s a winter wonderland! Arrowhead is a bit further, but not by much. You can still make it a day trip, or stay the night at one of their cozy lodges and cabins. Snowdrift is a great place to go tubing nearby in Running Springs.

For my readers, I just made a cup of hot chocolate following the microwave/single-serving recipe on the side of the Hershey’s Cocoa tin. That’s the unsweetened stuff that most of us have in our cupboards or pantry. Absolutely delish! I did add ¼ cup more milk and some whipped cream – because I know that’s how my kids are going to want it – and I highly recommend. It’s a pure hot chocolate recipe, made with real milk (not water) AND you can feel good about serving it to your kids because, according to the label, it’s full of flavanol antioxidants. Enjoy a cup with them (and make sure they don’t see you add the Kahlua to yours).

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    Why is "The Sperm Killer" a related article to this?
    I was feeling all cozy-like and then BOOM.