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Let it out on Profess Your Love Day

Maybe you can say it in the sand...
Maybe you can say it in the sand...

Lately I've been getting these fun little notifications in my email about random little "holidays" that not many people know about. I'm sure readers checked out my tributes to both Love Conquers All Day, and Best Friends Day. Now keep in mind, I'm not going to write about all the random little days that there are--for instance, yesterday was also Ice Cream Day, and today is Donald Duck's birthday--but I promise to write only interesting articles about the little "holidays" that I think you should be aware of.

Love actually IS all around, and in quoting a great movie, I'd like to introduce you to today's little-known holiday: Profess Your Love Day. Now for some, the whole idea of expressing love is easy as pie. You love someone, you tell them--simple enough, right? Not so much. For most people it seems, those three little words are one of the hardest things to say.

Even the best flirty girl can get tongue-tied when it comes to telling that special someone exactly how they feel. You say it to your parents, you say it to your friends, you maybe even say it to your stylist--but when it comes to your significant other, you somehow can't seem to get the words out. Concerned about what that means? Don't be! There are a lot of reasons why you can't leap that hurdle.

Now lets not kid ourselves--whoever you are dating now probably isn't the first guy you've been in a serious relationship with. Maybe the one before--or the one before that, or the one before THAT--really hurt you. Maybe you said it, and he didn't say it back--or worse, perhaps he did say it back, but didn't mean it. That kind of thing is definitely going to impact you--and make you a little more shy to say it again in the future. Or, maybe you are just afraid.

Well, today is the day--it is time to stop being afraid, to grab hold of your inner flirty girl--and tell that special someone how you feel. If he's a good guy-(and would you be with him if he wasn't?)- I have a feeling that he's just as scared as you are, and if you've got those feelings, he has them too. Put the past hurt aside, put the fear in the closet, and go ahead. You'll make his day--and yours--at the same time.