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Let go, lighten the load, and light your fire

Hot air balloon
Hot air balloon

Last night I dreamt that my wife and I were visiting heaven and we came to a pool of crystal clear water, although, since we were in out finer bodies, it was probably something much less dense than water. And apparently, it was much less dense than our finer bodies because when my wife dived in feet first, she sunk out of sight. A friend of mine was there also, and he explained to me that when you have enough bouyancy or when you're light enough, you won't sink back to earth. Then you know that when you die, you will ascend and not reembody. So I dove feet first into the pool and the next thing I knew I was waking up in my bed remembering my dream. I guess I have some lightening to do.

As I meditated on my dream, I thought about how I could do that. What was weighing me down. If my finer body were a hot air balloon, what would keep me bound to the earth? Well, I could be tied down with various lines. These represents attachments to certain things on the material plane: people, places, and things. There can be both positive and negative attachments involving intense positive or negative emotions. Even if I let go of all attachments, I will still be weighed down by sandbags. The sandbags represent the dirt or negative karma that I have accumulated over many lifetimes. By balancing karma though good deeds or transmuting it through techniques like the violet flame, I can lighten the load.

A third thing that can weigh me down, and this is the most important, is not having enough fire. For no matter if I'm free of all lines and have tossed out all my sand bags, if there is no flame heating the air, the balloon will not rise. But that is unlikely, since the process of becoming unattached and reducing karma, especially by means of the violet flame, involves a lot of fire.

Other techniques besides the violet flame to garner fire include sungazing, yoga, and chi gung. When you have practiced these techniques for a while and have accumulated a certain amount of fire or light, you can say a prayer when you go to sleep at night that you be taken in your finer body to visit heaven. Also pray that you will remember what you saw and heard there and that the angel of death, Azrael, will protect you while you're out of your physical body floating around up there.