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Let 'em Live meeting set for July 29 in upstate South Carolina

Let 'em Live meeting July 29
Facebook: Let 'em Live

Let em Live Upstate will hold a meeting July 29 in Greenville, South Carolina. The July meeting is set for Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Epicurean at 1455 Woodruff Road in Greenville.

On the agenda this month is the announcement of adoption events at Haywood Mall in Greenville.

Let em Live upstate is a community pushing for a positive change for animal welfare in Greenville and the surrounding area. The group is a collaborative of concerned citizens, buiness owners and local rescues who are working together to make the dream of a no-kill upstate a reality.

They have the plans worked out, now all they need if to show community animal lovers how they can be a voice for the animals.

Feel free to contact Let em Live Upstae at the information listed below.

If you can't work around your schedule to attend one of their meetings, the organization is in need of the following donations.

These are the items required to start out new facility and handle off-site adoptions
1. Cagebanks= $5,000 each for 10 cages - For onsite housing , Keeps pets comfortable during their stay with us, number of cages determines number of animals we can house
2. Dog Runs= $2,000 each - For onsite housing , Gives high energy dogs or litters room to exercise while they stay with us.
3. Crates for moving animals to adoption sites $50-$100 each, We will need 10-15 crates per vehicle per offsite location.
4. Vaccinations= $900/ 100 animals - Enables us to keep animals healthy while in our care or out for adoptions
5. Spay/Neuter funds= $50/animal - Enables us to move animals fast through the system so they are ready to get adopted, partner with area low-cost S/N who will get them altered the when we need it (no wait), We hope to process at least 100 animals per week. 6. Transport Vans= need 1 used vehicle for each PetsMart/PetCo or other adoption location. $4,000-$8,000 each, We can only go to as many offsite locations as we have vehicles
7. Computer System and Software= Need computers and software to track animals through our system
8. 2 Washer/Dryers- must work! We need to keep our animals happy with a clean blanket or towel, These need to be constantly operating to keep up with laundry
9. Fridge/dishwasher- Must work!
10. Microwave- must work~!
11. Incubators for babies: $450 per incubator. Will allow us to care for babies that are too young to adopt out. Need at least
11. Desks/chairs for reception and offices- can be used
12. Chairs for lobby- folding or straight
13. Construction to change whatever building we get to closer to what we need
14. Storage Units for items until we acquire a facility
15. Cleaning Supplies
16: Pet Food and cat litter

Other ways you can help are to
*Foster a pet by email the organization at and they will send you over a foster contract.
*Volunteer. They have lots of areas that you can use your everyday skills to help. Fundraising,Operations, Marketing. Just email them at for a volunteer form.
*No Kill Coalition. Local Rescues joining forces to end shelter killing, promote Spay & Neuter, teach the community proper animal care, and keep pets off the streets.
*Donate (see above list)
*Business Partners. This is done by local businesses offering specials and discounts to Let'em Live Upstate, their volunteers and adopters. Contact them at to join.

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