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Let ego take the back seat

How many times have you felt you needed to prove yourself? How often do you let your ego drive the words that speak through your mouth? What if your perception is what is getting in your way? Do your beliefs block you from being your highest vision of yourself?

I was in a situation where I felt pressured and tested for my intelligence. I remember thinking, “Oh no, they are going to think I am dumb if I do not get this answer.” Even though I received the answer quickly, I second-guessed it immediately. My lesson was, I would have trusted the answer to be true if I were in a calm state, recognized that my receptors have infinite intelligence, and standing in confidence is the key to opening that wealth of information.

The back of your head, specifically your visual cortex, is one way where you can alter your perception. Experiences where your ego is tested are gifts for you to learn what inner work is to be done. Today, I am writing this article because I learned that my ego wanted to drive yesterday and if I did, I would have not received the answer, at all. For now, I am just letting the ego take the back seat.

Due to me setting my own processing boundary, the answer came to me, with a delay. The glitch was disbelief in my own wisdom and I let others shape my response to the information. When I learn to fully trust myself, I will let ego get a ride with someone else. For now, ego is observing. My highest self is in the passenger seat, observing my transformation. Ego is learning that even if it calls "shotgun," I will still say, "I called shotgun first."

“Any conflict you see or experience in the outside world is a projection of your ego. In truth, the world is completely at peace and you project your fear of peace onto the world. You don't want to resolve your inner conflict, but you do want to get it away from yourself. So, you project it onto other people and think that 'they' are the ones who are causing you discomfort. Other people are neutral, blank slates and you color them with your own meaning and definitions. Then, you react to them as if these colorations and definitions were real. Other people, in turn, treat you in the way that you expect, in a self-fulfilling prophecy” (Virtue, D).

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