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Let DavidBartonGym heat up your summer workout with this exclusive playlist

Let DavidBartonGym heat up your summertime workout with the exclusive playlist below!
Let DavidBartonGym heat up your summertime workout with the exclusive playlist below!
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At DavidBartonGym, their motivating mission is candid and sexy, “Look better naked”. Who doesn’t want that? And in order to keep this promise, they shattered the mold, fusing the racy energy of nightclubs, with radiant lights, sensual decor and the pulsing beats spun by a live DJ with state of the art workout equipment and facilities. The combination keeps your heart rate elevated and diverts the pain of a mundane routine workout at the average gym. After all, what’s a workout without music, and what is motivation to workout, if not to look better...naked!

DJ Johnny Dynell has been spinning as a resident DJ in New York for DavidBartonGym since they opened their doors. He was kind enough to put together a playlist to heat up your summertime workout, no matter what your location. I caught up with the busy DJ and during our exchange he explained why music is such an integral part of the process at DavidBartonGym, his motivation for spinning for their clients and he even disclosed his criteria for a summertime hit. Find out what he had to say below and what’s on his playlist for your summer workout! Also be sure to check here for a DavidBartonGym location nearest you!

Marian: How long have you been a resident DJ at DBG? What location do you spin at?

DJ Johnny Dynell: I was actually the first DJ to spin at DavidBartonGym - in the early 90s in Chelsea. The original idea to combine the gym experience with nightclubbing was exciting. It was very new at the time to work out to a DJ playing club music. Now, I love playing at DavidBartonGym Astor Place and look forward to playing at their new Chelsea gym at The Limelight when it opens this Fall.

Marian: What kind of criteria do you use for selecting songs for clients to work out to at DBG?

DJ Johnny: The most important thing is to select songs with energy. Songs that inspire and uplift. Personally, I like to play songs with vocals. I think that singing along to a song, even in your head, fights the exerciser's worst enemy - boredom. Keeping it fresh is vital, so the DJ roster at DavidBartonGym that has run the gamut from Junior Vasquez to Honey Dijon to Miss Guy to Sammy Jo & Scotty Rox is pretty cool!

Marian: Let’s talk about the songs on the suggested summer workout playlist you selected. What made you select the songs you did, and, in your opinion, how does music motivate and inspire individuals to push harder or simply through difficult workouts?

DJ Johnny: I selected a variety of songs. “Pump Up The Jam” and “Work” are obvious anthems with a subliminal motivational message. Songs like “Time After Time” and “MacArthur Park” are great to sing along to and very accessible – they make you happy. I love to throw in more classic tracks and artists with the new and under the radar so that I open those listening to sounds and mixes they may not have heard.

Marian: What is one of your favorite summertime anthems of all time? Why?

DJ Johnny: I think that Summertime songs have to be happy and pretty but most importantly, they have to be sexy. One of my all-time favorites would have to be “Cruisin’” by Smokey Robinson.

Marian: In your observation over the time you have been a resident DJ for DavidBartonGym, how does that synergy of exercise and music relate to a successful workout?

DJ Johnny: I’ve found from my own workouts that music can turn you around and motivate you to get started or do an extra set. Music also brings people into a common place, I mean an energy that can really inspire. I look around and see new faces along with members I’ve seen for years and their goals may be different but they’re sharing the experience. And the tunes!

DJ Johnny's Summertime Workout Playlist:

Pump Up The Jam - Body Bangers

Work (Tom Stephan Mix) - Iggy Azalia

Adrenalina (Spanglish Version) - Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, & Wisin

Sugar On the Side - Blondie

Pushing On - Oliver $ & Jimi Jules

Jazz Me Up - Swing Syndicate

Calabria 2013 (Mac Grey Mix) - Candy

Get Involved (Director’s Cut Mix) - DBow

Time After Time (Bent Collective Mix) - Cyndi Lauper

MacArthur Park (Rosabel Mix) - Donna Summer

About DavidBartonGym
Founded in 1992 in New York, DavidBartonGym has world-class trainers with unrivaled success in changing bodies, state of the art equipment, exhilarating energy, and award-winning design. With locations in New York (Astor Place, Christopher Street, Upper East Side and coming Fall 2014 to The Limelight), Miami (South Beach), Seattle (Bellevue), Chicago (River North) and Los Angeles (Century City and Westside), DavidBartonGym is devoted to its members and to helping them “LookBetterNaked.”

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