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Let daring ideas inspire you

As the visions of film makers were honored on Oscar Sunday, buzz surrounded the incredible sound and cinematography of Gravity; a film that owes its range of inspiration to director and co-writer Alfonso Cuarón.

Be inspired!
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Earlier this year Seattle sensations, singer-songwriter Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis topped the Grammys. This following their outstanding success rising to the top of music charts and downloads by sidestepping record company contracts and doing it their own way.

There are also those less in the spotlight but superstars in their own right, taking home-spun ideas and turning them into far reaching organizations. Visionaries such as Dr. Chris Kammer's inspiring Halloween Candy Buy Back-- see link below; or dance instructor Pierre Dulaine's life changing Dancing Classrooms school programs, and whose story was developed into the movie Take The Lead.

Currently being shopped here in Seattle for film production is Kit Wilson's novel Fall City, that follows Braniff Airways’ 1960s rise in popularity due to their entertaining and fashionably flamboyant flight crew style.

So in pondering your next idea, though not every idea will turn into “the next big thing”, it may not need to in order to be something extraordinary. One dream can change a day and one day can change a life, so dare to dream!

Nadia Riell is an editor and the author of Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life-Perspectives on Love, Encouragement and Reaching Potential.

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