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Let Bandit wines 'steal' your palate

Here's a great way to celebrate warmer days
Here's a great way to celebrate warmer days
Julia Hollister

If you’re heading for park for a picnic, a bike ride or out on the ocean, Bandit Wines have you covered.

The cute Tetra Pack packaging in both Merlot 1 Liter ($8.99, equivalent to one and one third 750 ml bottles and a chardonnay 500 ml ($4.99 and holds three servings) takes you where glass bottles are not welcome.

In additional to merlot and chardonnay, Bandit wines include cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio and the new red blend. The unique packaging prevents “corked wine”, locks in freshness and protects flavor.

There are surprises once the reusable enclosure is off.

The dry chardonnay is like a sunny afternoon with just a hint of breeze. Crisp tropical lemon and citrus scents are the opening act for fresh fruit flavors. No worries about food pairing here. This is a food friendly selection that adapts to tuna salad on warm sourdough bread or lemony shrimp just off the grill.

For a bolder varietal pick up the merlot Pak in sky blue. Opening with cedar and tasty oak bouquet, plum, juicy blueberry, black cherry and vanilla flavors cascade on the palate. This varietal is bursting with flavors that pair enthusiastically with grilled veggies, hot dogs and pulled pork sandwiches.

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