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Lest we forget - up to the mountain

“If, drunk with sight of power, we loose

Wild tongues that have not Thee in awe,

Such boastings as the Gentiles use,

Or lesser breeds without the Law,

Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,

Lest we forget—lest we forget!”

Rudyard Kipling

Four (4) years ago he went up to the mountain and sought the office of mayor of the District of Columbia because residents asked him to and up over the clouds to where the sky was blue he came through.

Four years later, possibly feeling nothing but tired and maybe sometimes possibly feeling alone he went back up to the mountain because residents asked him to do - one more time.

Some days as he climbed the mountain he probably looked down and he heard voices come and go, telling him we loved him so he continued to go because residents asked him to.

Yet, over the mountain was a peaceful valley few come to know, and although he did not get there, lest we forget - he went up to the mountain because again we asked him to go.

While the District’s general election in November is about nine (9) months away, there is something The Washington Post, its editorial writer for District affairs Ms. Jo-Ann Armao, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Mr. Ronald Machen, and other District columnists don’t want District residents to read, to hear, or to know.

Eager to impose their views on District elections and to influence in District affairs, there is a great resistance to receiving opposing thoughts, particularly from “old guard” District community activists particularly on the part of the news media.

Champions for an enhanced quality of life in the District did not arrive on scene within the last five (5) years nor are they absent from Wards 5, 7, and 8.

Lest we forget - over there, there are courageous people willing to go up to the mountain.

The Washington Post, Ms. Armao, columnists, and on-line news outlets appear to communicate an ideology they alone have a relevant vision about the District. They are not only wrong, they are also intellectually dishonest.

Their effort here is not just to recreate District history, it is also to ignore the selfless efforts of the "old guard" in making the District a great place to live and work and to raise a family.

Lest we forget - over there, there are courageous people willing to go up to the mountain.

The Washington Post and its allies are working with great speed to shape the District's future with limited public participation.

When the United States Supreme Court permitted unlimited individual campaign contributions in McCutcheon, et al v. Federal Election Commission, there were wails of increased undue influence by a small number of wealthy donors in the political process.

The Washington Post, Ms. Armao, and their friends want to exclude alternative opinions in the debate about the District's future. The challenge to The Washington Post in coverage of District has been to be reasonable, fair, and open to diverse arguments on District public policy.

The local opinions published by The Washington Post are notable not because of their insight into District affairs, but rather for their commonality or group think. They are made more distinctive by their zip code than their intellectual arguments.

Lest we forget - over there, there are courageous people willing to go up to the mountain.

Sometime between now and the end of his term Mayor Vincent C. Gray may feel like he's never been nothing but tired, but he'll go on working for the people of the District of Columbia till the day his term expires, because he feels that what the people expect of him.

Sometimes when he may lay down humbled and thinking there is nothing more can he do, but then he hear a sweet voice telling him softly the people love him so and sooner or later Mayor Gray may go back up to the mountain again, because He will ask it of him.

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