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Lessons you learn from the story of the lepers in the Bible

Lessons you learn from the story of the lepers in the Bible
Lessons you learn from the story of the lepers in the Bible

In 2 Kings 7:3-4, four lepers sat at the entrance of the city gate because they were not allowed to go into the city even though there was nobody in the city. The people had left because of a famine. So the lepers stood at the gate saying they will die if they just stand there, or they would die if they go over to the camp of the Arameans. If they went over to the Arameans, there was a chance that the Armeans would kill them. We see that the lepers are in a bad situation; yet they had choices. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, the lepers teach us we always have choices.

The lepers were at the city gate because according to the law they were not allowed into the city but were to depend on charity outside the city gate. Because of the famine no one was feeding them at the city gate. If they stayed where they were, they would surely starve to death. If they went to the camp of the Arameans they would either live or die. Their situation was desperate. Yet they teach us that we always have choices, but we must take a chance.

When the lepers arrived at the camp, they found no one there. So they ate and drank. Then it dawned on them that the people in the city were starving. So the lepers decided to do the right thing. They reported this to the royal palace so they could have food as well. The lepers teach us to share.

One would think a leper couldn't teach us anything. These lepers did! Let's not dismiss learning from unexpected sources. The story above about the lepers teaches us that we always have choices. However, some of those choices involve taking risks. Then when we find our way out of a desperate situation, we should share with others