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Lessons we learn from Leah in the Bible: Excellent for those who aren't loved

Lessons we learn from Leah in the Bible
Lessons we learn from Leah in the Bible

Leah entered into a marriage with Jacob who didn't love her. Leah was the "trick" that Laban played on Jacob who had been a trickster himself. So Leah was married but was unloved. Jacob loved Rachel, his other wife, but she was barren. Therefore, Leah used the only leverage she had to get Jacob's attention...her fertility. She hoped bearing children would get Jacob to love her.

Leah's firstborn son was named Reuben meaning, "to see." Leah wanted Jacob to see her. But he didn't. Then she had a second son, Simeon, meaning "to hear." Every time she called his name, she was begging Jacob to hear her. But he didn't. So Leah had a third son, Levi, meaning "to be joined to" or "to be connected with." Leah wanted Jacob to connect with her, but he didn't. Leah had a fourth son whom she named Judah which means "let Jehovah be praised." She couldn't get Jacob to see her, to hear her, to join with her, so she gave up and began praising God through her son Judah. The first three sons were bypassed, and it was from this tribe whose name means "praise" that Jesus was born. Leah was on to something. She couldn't get Jacob to care for her; so she found fulfillment in praise. God closed up Leah's womb for a while so that she could praise Him instead of trying to get Jacob's attention.

Later God opened up her womb and Leah had two more sons: Issachar meaning "God has rewarded me" and Zebulun meaning "precious gift." Notice Leah received her reward and precious gift only after she began praising God with the birth of Judah.

Then Leah said, "God has presented me with a precious gift. This time my husband will treat me with honor, because I have bore him six sons. So she named him Zebulun. (Genesis 30:20)

What lessons do we learn from Leah? Man might not give us the attention we are seeking when we ask him to see us, to listen to us, or to connect with us. However, once we begin praising God, God will reward us and give us a precious gift.

Let's learn from Leah and save ourselves a lot of heartache. If you are not in the habit of praising God, begin to do so now. Then await your rewards and precious gifts to overtake you.

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