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Lessons we can learn from the eagle

Lessons from the eagle
Lessons from the eagle

The life and behavior of the eagle can be compared and contrasted to Christians who desire to soar in faith.

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31)

What lessons do we learn from the eagle?

The eagle is a solitary bird. At times the eagle is with its friends on the ground, but most of the time the eagle flies solo. While birds of a feather may flock together, there are times when the sincere, devoted Christian needs to be solitary. There are things God wants us to do together as a body of believers, but then there are times when God calls us by names and gives us individual assignments. We must do some things solo.

Eagles are good stewards of what they have. Eagles don't waste anything. Instead, they conserve and add upon what they already have. For example, the eagle uses the same nest over and over again for years adding to it each year. One nest in Ohio was used for 36 years, and it weighed almost one ton. An average nest could take up to 2 wagon loads of material to build. The eagle builds its nest little by little wasting nothing. The eagle is a good steward.

Eagles take care of their young. Both parents share in the incubation and the feeding of the young ones. They remain in the nest until they are trained by their parents. The male and the female share in all the responsibilities of the feeding and training of the young ones. You will never hear about a dead-beat eagle like you hear about dead-beat dads.

Eagles are careful to avoid danger. They don't attack except when cornered. When danger comes, they are prepared to handle it because of the way God created them to protect themselves. God made the eagle to use its beak to handle dangerous prey. We, as Christians shouldn't invite Satan into our lives. But when he comes, we should be prepared to fight him with the word of God. Learn this lesson from the eagle to use your mouth as a weapon to combat the devil.

The eagle is known for its keen eyesight. Because it has eyes on both sides of its head, the eagle can see what is going on around it at all times. Christians need to be aware of their surrounding. The eagle can look straight ahead; yet see what is happening in the world around him. It has a panoramic vision. It is aware of its surroundings at all times.

God made the eagle with strong legs and strong feet as a foundation. God also made the eagle with wings and a tail to support its heavy body when it flies. God made the eagle to have a firm foundation on the ground and to fly gracefully in the air. God made us with a firm foundation to survive in our low times and with the ability to soar during our high times like the eagle.

The eagle is best known for its ability to fly and to fly gracefully. The eagle in flight indicates a journey. Christians soaring in faith are like eagles. We, too are on a journey. We should know where we are going and let nothing stop us from getting there. We should soar high. We should touch the sky. Like Jesus we should keep our faces set like a flint toward Jerusalem and let nothing stop us from completing our journey.

The eagle mates only once in a lifetime. That means there is no Eagle Divorce Court. The eagle is selective since it will have only one mate. The female eagle goes to the top of the highest mountain and drops a twig or pebble equivalent to her weight. The male eagle who can swoop down and catch it in its beak before it reaches the ground is the one to be her mate. Males are to be able to "carry" the female. Males are to be the strong ones in the household. They should be responsible for "carrying" the household through prayers and through the things of God.

Eagles lay out before the sun when they grow old and weary. They go to the tallest mountain and lay out until the rays from the sun energizes them and gives them a new burst of strength. Like the eagle, when we become weary and heavy laden, we should lay out before the SON, the Son of God. He will give us rest and a new refreshing.

God made the eagle to soar in the sky. He made us to soar wherever we are. He made the eagle to fly above the clouds. He made us to rise above our circumstances. He made the eagle to fly in the eye of the storm. He made us to face our adversaries.

In order for these lessons to be helpful, we must do what God says in Isaiah 40:31 . . .

  1. wait upon the Lord;
  2. renew our strength;
  3. mount up with wings as eagles;
  4. run and not be weary; and
  5. walk and not faint.
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