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Lessons Taught to Me That I Chose Not to Use

Throughout our careers we have well-intentioned people who "share their wisdom" with us. For the most part, if we are fortunate, the lessons are instructive and enable us to learn, grown and become even more effective. But there are always some that we are better off ignoring. In fact, the more I have found that those lessons often tell me more about the person who offered them than anything else.

Here are a few I have chose to ignore. By the way, they are all real:

  • There is no stress; you either want to do the job or you don't so decide and get back to work
  • Always use your poor performers as an example of what not to do
  • Don't ever admit that you don't know
  • The more educated you are the smarter you are
  • Intelligence = common sense
  • Unless you drive people hard they won't give their best effort
  • Always follow the orders of your boss
  • The more knowledge you share and the more you delegate the less valuable you become
  • Stay away from the politics of an organization
  • Don't fight the system
  • It's all about results
  • If you cut people any slack they will take advantage of you from that point on
  • Don't ever show your weakness
  • If you hire hardworking people and they do their job, you don't need to acknowledge it because they are doing what you hired them to do

What's on your list?

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