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Lessons of life from a deer

My lesson from Princess
My lesson from Princess

This last winter, a most beautiful deer would seem to appear out of nowhere, pause, look at me with eyes that seemed to be trying to communicate, and then she would gracefully turn around, and walk away. She had a special style, different from any deer I had ever seen before; she was stunning, and she seemed to be magical. The days that she would appear brought a special something to the day. She was a princess among the trees and stars, and the lucky humans which she favored with her presence, knew there was something spiritual, about Princess the Deer.

For those of us who are fortunate to have a deer like Princess enter our life, there is meaning. The deer is linked to the arts; a deer will cast a spell on you and turn you into a poet, or a musician.

If every time you see a deer, and you are transfixed by their mere presence, that means there is an inner deer in you. The inner deer within you is full of love, peace, beauty, swiftness, creativity, and spirituality.

Why is this important to your own life?

If you can be spell bound for a few minutes silently watching a deer, you instinctively know that deep within you is magic too. Be still and listen to yourself. Find the limitless treasure within you. Be generous, take a moment, as the deer does and, just look at another human with kindness and a simple smile. Then with a nod of your head, turn and walk away. Leave a trail happiness and good fortune to all who cross your path.

Pause and watch the animal world to find the lessons they have to share with you about living in the moment.

Be kind to animals, be kind to yourself, and be kind to each other. Live the kind of life that brings something special to the day. Maybe someone will say you are a prince or a princess as you turn and walk gently away in harmony with the world.

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