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Lessons of Friendship in Shea Norwood's Paranormal Mystery "Vanished from Dust"

Vanished from Dust

Dark figures lurking in the shadows surely aren’t something you would feel comfortable seeing, but the situation can become even more complicated and saddening when others think you are insane because of the things you see. Eric Stark, the protagonist of “Vanished from Dust” by Shea Norwood, finds himself in an unpleasant position: isolated by his own townspeople, alone, and frightened by the phantoms he sees. One thing only helps Eric push through those hard times in his life, and that is friendship.

Eric Stark is a fourteen-year-old teenager, who has a special ability: he can see phantoms. Feeling that danger looms over Dust, he tries to warn the inhabitants of Dust about the dark, shadowy figures he has been noticing around town. However, his attempt to help others turns against him as he begins to be perceived as a madman. Eric’s situation begins to improve after Kyle Barrett moves to town. While all his classmates avoid him, Kyle befriends Eric, and together they discover the importance of friendship and courage in the face of adversity.

The two teenagers, Kyle and Eric, come to realize that the people of Dust are slowly taken over by a truly sinister power, something dark which they can’t identify or define. The cause of the entire phenomenon is mysterious: responsible for the heavy atmosphere in town may be the phantoms Eric has been seeing around Dust; or maybe it all has to do with the mysterious death of hundreds of townspeople back in 1922. Kyle and Eric embark on a heart-stopping adventure in order to discover the truth and to save Dust and its inhabitants.

Throughout their quest for truth, the two boys are faced with danger and secrets. When they get lost in a deserted, ghostly version of Dust, they learn certain things about the town and its people, secrets which are edifying, yet chilling to the bone. What keeps Eric and Kyle going is their friendship. As they progress on their journey, the reader has several opportunities to learn more about life, friendship, and the power of human bonds.

“Vanished from Dust” is a gripping paranormal novel, filled with mystery and suspense. Bringing together elements which remind the reader of works such as “Stand by Me,” “Odd Thomas,” and “The Dark Tower,” Shea Norwood’s “Vanished from Dust” manages to keep the reader’s interest high thanks to his masterful manner of creating vivid narrative scenes and well-developed, likeable characters. Find “Vanished from Dust” on Amazon, where it will be available for free on 7/15 and 7/16.

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