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Lessons learned from the annual garage sale

fundraising garage sale
fundraising garage sale
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Garage sale fans, especially the fanatics, do play favorites. It is true. As shoppers, they rate the garage sale with their purses and fanny-packs, buying a little or a lot. They keep mental score of a garage sale event as well, remembering a sale’s strengths and weaknesses, deciding whether to return to a future garage sale event if one is held by the same person(s), group or organization.

When a group or organization holds a garage sale year after year after year, it is worth taking notice. Consider these lessons from the annual garage sale:

  • There is usually an organizational purpose for the garage sale. It suggests a spirit of the organization and its members, including an often fierce drive to make a difference in a community. (Fierce here is a good thing!) It displays a commitment to fundraising, often including affinity for a certain cause. Donations for the sale are probably generous as a result. Purchases, especially if made as “free will offerings” should be generous as well.
  • History and tradition are created and prized by this more diverse garage sale seller. This may be as a result of the length of time this annual event has transpired. Perhaps it evolved into a tradition as a result of it success year after year. Duly noted!
  • Chances are it enjoys popularity as an event for its sellers, buyers and recipients. This popularity is probably earned, time-tested. Never underestimate the power of “popular demand.” Would there be a proverbial mutiny if a particular rummage sale did not occur? Shouldn’t you be there as well?

An annual garage sale of note will be held at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, located at 12701 West 67th Street in Shawnee. The proceeds of that sale are for leadership activities. The students are taking ownership of this annual garage sale, under the direction of its StuCo Sponsor. The sale begins on Saturday at 8:00 a.m. and continues until 1:00 p.m. This is the sixth year of the event. Since the high school students are “in charge," you will find a ton of clothes. Expect a bit of everything at the sale, including household goods, furniture, collectibles, arts and crafts, holiday décor and toys. There is a lot of enthusiasm and hospitality.

Let your Garage Sale Examiner know what treasures you found and what your favorite annual yard sale is! Reply by email or tweet at @agaragesale.

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