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Lessons learned from a sad story

This message is for all people young and old. A recent situation has brought new light to a situation which some of us have seen happening for recent years. That situation is the need for Advanced Directives for Health Care. As a Geriactric Case Manager once said, ‘if your alive you need this’. Certainly people should not be stopped from having this kind of documentation, ask the medical doctor for a POLST. This is a brief document which will convey our wishes if we cannot and we do not need another friend or family member to do so. There are of course other ways to accomplish this task, ID Alert Jewelry, a medical card in our wallet and so on. The most important thing is that we have one. And it is known by our primary care physician.

Medicine and those practicing it have knowledge and are governed by laws as never before. The need to have a say in how our body and our mind is treated can make all the difference. Certainly the recent news regarding Casey Kasem was a wake-up for many of us, but also a possible look into our future. Laws are written to protect us from this situation, however we must use those laws to the highest degree for ourselves.

Every family has times when all cannot agree; and one of the worst is when a member’s health is in question. This is not the time to find out no one has a say, due to the lack of direction from a legal document. These directives are as if not more important than a Will.

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