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Lessons learned by a mom turned entrepreneur and aspiring motivational speaker

Shelly Ehler, a mom and substitute teacher,was trying to help her children change out of their wet swimsuits while outside by the pool ,after a fun time in the water. While doing this, Shelly came up with an idea for a practical product which she designed by modifying a towel to make it more functional.

A substitute teacher and mom makes the cover of a magazine about her entrepreneurial experiences
Courtesy of ShowNo Website

The product became known as "Show No." Although appearing on reality television was not in Shelly's orginal product marketing plan, Shelly had an opportunity to be on ABC-TV's Shark Tank. During her episode she made a deal with one of the "Sharks" that didn't turn out as expected and so she went in another direction.

Shelly's new business direction has lead to a new deal with a licensing agreement that is set to begin in a few months. As a result of being on the Shark Tank, Shelly received many e-mails and a variety of proposals.

Today Shelly shared some of the lessons she's learned so far as an entrepreneur. Her entrepreneurial experiences have also lead Shelly to her interest in becoming a motivational speaker.

Demonstrating that life is what happens after all of our plans, Shelly offered these tips and insights.

1. As an entrepreneur, we often has no clue where to go, what to do, or even where to start. If you don't know where to begin:Get Quiet.

There are 3 main voices we hear audibly and within. Thee voices of the outside world, the voice in our head(our ego) and the voice in our heart.

The voice of the outside world and the voice inside our head can often be so loud that we cannot hear the voice in our heart.

2. Connect with that voice of Truth and Love and Let it Guide You. Only in a still, quiet place do you hear that faintest voice of your heart. It is this voice of love, truth, and peace that can guide us to our destiny.

3. Move past Fear.

When we live our life listening to those outside voices and the voice of the ego, we can easily be filled with fear. Fear often paralyzes people from moving forward. They are listening to the wrong voice and they are afraid.

4.Surrender Control, Let Go

When you allow the voice of your heart to guide you, you must surrender control and allow it to guide you. This is not as easy as it sounds. Most entrepreneurs want to stay in control and do things their way.

When we do this and we can, success can be met but more often than not, you will not find true fulfillment of your dream. Only in surrender can the true dream manifest to completion.

5. Be Grateful.

The best thing you can do as an entrepreneur is to be grateful for everything that comes your way.

Be thankful for the doors that open and just as thankful if not more for the doors that close.

When we stand in judgement of something that appears to be wrong we often get stuck.

When we accept what is and appreciate the lesson it is bringing us, we are more able to move forward again in peace.

6. Be open and ready to receive.

Shelly spoke about how important she feels it is to open your heart and to be ready to receive all that the world is bringing your way.

"We are often stuck in "giving" and forget to open ourselves up to "receiving. Many times we feel unworthy. Many times we feel that receiving is selfish."

7. Take the high road.

When someone wrongs you or betrays you or betrays your trust or doesn't live up to their word, the best thing to do is to let it go and move on.

When you sit in the blame and the anger and the betrayal, you go nowhere.

It's like being in a traffic jam on the "low road." Don't get stuck there Shelly explained. There's so much less traffic and you will not fly to your destination.

8. Never give your power away.

When you started on your entrepreneurial journey, this dream was put in your heart. It wasn't put in the heart of another. It was put in you.

You are the one who can hear this voice to see it through to its realization, no one else.

Don't believe that someone else can do it better, or faster, or smarter than you. That is why you were chosen. When you give your power to another and believe they can do it for you, your journey halts or slows down.

This is your dream and it is yours to carry. In another hand it loses its magic.

9. Cooperate, don't compete.

The best thing you can do along the path is to realize your dream is to help another realize their dream as well. There are some who compete who keep everything to themselves. There are those who step on others to get to the top.

Do you really think they can make it to the top that way? Sure, it's possible for them to get to the top, but when and if they arrive, they will most likely not find what they thought they were looking for.

Only those who cooperate and share and lift another along the way will find true success and fulfillment and the true realization of their dream. Success without fulfillment equals a life with fear.

10. When you fall, get back up.

The journey of an entrepreneur is not an easy one. The path we travel is windy and rocky and steep and even slippery at times. We all fall. It's just part of the journey.

Some of us fall over and over again.It's not how many times you fall that matters, it how many times you get back up. So get back up.

When you fall, you are learning an important lesson. That stumbling block was put in your path to teach you something. When you resist learning the lesson, the same block will appear over and over again.

11.Be thankful for the lessons the blocks are trying to show you.

Say thank-you for the blocks, say thank-you for the lessons. When you do this you will find peace. You will find answers about the lesson. You will be better equipped to move forward. These experiences tend to make you stronger. Say thank-you, get up, and keep going.

12.Stay Present.

Your dreams have a power to manifest here and now. The past is gone and the future has not yet come. We spend too much time focusing on our regrets of the past and our worries about the future. Be focused on the present.

The only moment is now. Try and keep your thoughts present

13 Pay attention to your Enthusiasm, Enjoyment, and Acceptance.

In the present you unleash your power and must be in one of three states: Enthusiasm, Enjoyment, or Acceptance.

"If you keep your state of being in enthusiasm or enjoyment, you will find more things to be enthusiastic and joyful about. "

In times when things take an unexpected turn, we must move towards acceptance.

In acceptance we continue to move forward on our journey. If we look at the unexpected turn as a mistake, if we judge it in anger, we tend to go nowhere.

14. Remain unattached to the outcome

So many times things will not turn out like we thought or expected they would. This can lead to feeling disappointed and being stuck.

15. There are no mistakes.

Know this... There are no mistakes. Just because something doesn't look like you thought it would look does not mean it is wrong. How do you know how it's supposed to look?

Your ego is not guiding the journey, your heart it. Your heart has the power to guide you to something bigger and better than you might ever have guided yourself.

16. Have faith.

When things don't work out like you thought they would... Have faith. The best thing you can do is say thank-you and know that there's something better in store for you.

In appreciation and acceptance you will see it. In judgement and fear you will not.

With these words from lessons learned as an entrepreneur my best guess is that you'll be soon seeing Shelly Ehler on a stage near you, on more television shows, and signing her book in your favorite bookstore.

Shelly's creation called the "Show No" which is a multi-functional towel and a cover-up which is serving as a vehicle to reveal her talent to the world.

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