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Business lessons from the lion's den

Many of us grew up with the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. We may have learned in Sunday school how God saved his life when he was thrown into a den of lions as punishment for continuing to worship God. But there is additional wisdom to be gained from studying his example beyond that excellent message. To begin, let’s review his basic story. As a young teen, Daniel was taken captive, along with most of the Jewish population of Jerusalem, and taken to live in exile in the foreign land of Babylon. Daniel did not let this experience defeat him. Not only did he survive his many years in Babylon, he thrived in them. If we look at his story closely, we can find three lessons for the workplace.

  1. Take a stand in behavior.

Don’t compromise your integrity no matter what the risk. Daniel risked life many times by standing up for what he knew was right. He asked to not eat the king’s choice food which had been dedicated to pagan gods. He refused to worship foreign gods. He spoke up to the king and asked that his enemy’s lives be spared.

  1. Bloom where you are planted.

Your current job may not be your ideal job but you should still stand out by striving to be the best. Work hard and put forth a work performance to be an example. Bosses should want Christian employees, not see us as lazy or unproductive.

  1. No matter the King, give the respect the position warrants.

Whether or not God led you specifically to your place of employment, He is allowing you to be there. Daniel became a slave overnight. He didn’t act resentful or angry though he had every reason to. Neither did he disregard what was important to the king though the king was not his by choice. You are not a slave, although a job can sometimes feel that way on occasion, but you do have a chain of authority. Give them the respect the position warrants.

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