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Lessons from the journal of a new mom: mom needs to get well in every way.

It's not all about me anymore, and yet it is about me. My daughter needs me, and yet, she needs me to be healthy in every way. If I'm confident, she will grow to be confident. If I still struggle with insecurities, chances are, she will too. If I have negative beliefs about myself, she too will learn negative beliefs about herself. Most of those negative beliefs that I have found in my thoughts come from my mom; however, what I un-learn now, Naomi will not necessarily learn.

Because of this lesson, I have determined to get to the root of any of my remaining issues, and find the positive truth about myself. The more I love myself, the more free I am to love others--especially my daughter.

How can the sick raise their children? You can. It's simple. Get well. Decide for yourself to do everything in your power to get well. Get the help you need from the people you can trust. Do not do it alone. You have help. Many have gone on before you, and many will continue to go on. In fact there will always be someone better than you to help you. IS that not a big RELIEF????

JESUS people! Why do you think there are people better than you out there???? SO THEY CAN HELP YOU. Love yourself, love everyone, stop comparing! NEED I SAY MORE?

Look for more articles of mine below. Thanks for listening everyone. This is Rachel Marocco signing off.

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