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Lessons from Oso

Life has changed forever
Life has changed forever
Looking to the future with hearts broken

Western Washington was dealt a heavy blow last weekend with the huge mudslide and displacement of the Stillaguamish River. There have been many reports and the search goes on for the missing. Watching the reports coming out of Oso and Darrington we see people who are hurting in a magnitude beyond conceivable for most of us. Families have been torn apart and yet they continue to help those who are left to search, clean up and pick up after this natural disaster.

The stories being told over and over are of caregivers who were caught unaware. This could be any one of us and yet we watch our friends, neighbors and relatives move through this time with the grace and fortitude of which we may not have been able to surmount. This part of Washington has and is a beautiful community. Many have come to this area to achieve a lifestyle of freedom from the crime of more heavily populated areas of the U. S... And some have made this a retirement area to spend the time after working so hard their entire adult lives.

The important thing each of us can take away from this disaster is to live our lives to the fullest. Allow for our care partners to spend quality time each and every day as they are doing the best they can. Each of us as caregivers needs to do the same, spend some quality time on our own life, perhaps journaling or painting, maybe baking or gardening, whatever the task which brings quality to us we need to invest time each day to enhance the quality of our lives.