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Lessons from 'Killing Jesus'

Sean Hannity interviews author Stephen Mansfield about his upcoming book 'Killing Jesus'
Sean Hannity interviews author Stephen Mansfield about his upcoming book 'Killing Jesus'
Fox News Hannity Show

Fox News’ Sean Hannity recently interviewed author Stephen Mansfield, whose upcoming book “Killing Jesus”—that reportedly reveals the hidden conspiracy and corruption that led to Christ's Crucifixion—has got the Internet buzzing; journalists and bloggers rushing to applaud the author, others to bash his reputation, and more to criticize a second book with the words "Killing Jesus" in the title.

Erik Wemple of the Washington Post wrote today how the host and author “discussed the parallels between Jesus’s time and contemporary times, particularly the existence of corrupt religious leaders and corrupt politicians, myths surrounding the killing of Jesus and a conspiracy among a “small group of corrupt religious leaders [who] had been hunting for him almost from the beginning.”

The article sounds promising at first in noting these intriguing topics, but quickly turns disappointing. Readers learn nothing more about them, not one opinion, not one refuted fact, because its author quickly moves on to accuse Hannity of airing the TV segment during Holy Week to be a “nice plug" for his friend's book, then barbs Hannity's relationship with his Fox colleague Bill O’Reilly, who wrote another “Killing Jesus” book due out in September.

The report ought to be about much more, for example Mansfield’s courage to talk about the corruption by a few—the minority—that caused the myth of a generational curse on the Jews and the anti-semitic attitudes against an entire people that exists still.

Imagine what lessons we can learn by the discourse on an additional history of Jesus' life and death. We don't know if Mansfield gets it right as the book is not yet available, but what content he has shared is worth looking into. If people care about eradicating harmful religious and ethnic discrimination for the sake of our children, communities and country, shouldn't we at least have the debate at home and with our friends ... and consider the lessons that we should unlearn, too?

Mansfield's "Killing Jesus" will be released on May 7, 2013.

Watch the interview.


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