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Lessons from Justin Bieber

As we teach our kids about music and entrepreneurship. We can teach alot of lessons about life . Right now we can use their love of music and singer's like Justin Bieber to teach them a lesson about life. My daughter Aleli is only 10 and soon to turn 11 . She loves music. She had her phase that she watched Justin Bieber's career come up and now she is disapointed of Justin Bieber.

We had a teaching moment yesterday in our Little Havana ( Miami) Apartment where we discussed how he was arrested in Miami Beach and how he was alleged to be drinking as well as driving. She was disapointed in Justin Bieber who was once an inspiration to her . I'm not judging Justin. I just now my daughter was disappointed and we had to discuss this at our dinner table. We has a homeschool moment and we talked again about some life lessons.

We discussed really why she was disapointed about the pressures life can have on teens and pre-teens. We discussed how he was facing many challenges and how every teen can face many challenges too. I told her many teens face those same questions in some point to drink or not ? To be under alot of stress. I explained to her that Justin Bieber has grown up in front of the world and his choices are being watched constantly. He faces struggles and challenges.

That no one is perfect and we need to know how to make wise choices and sometimes seek advice from mom or family. We spoke about the importance of family. We discussed the problem of drinking and driving. This was the best time to let her know about how harmful drinking and driving can be. We also discussed how people also did other things like text and drive too. We discussed about people can get hurt in a car if they don't take appropriate choices. We discussed the idea that teens should be able to turn to a mom or family if they feel stressed or worried about anything.

We had a family moment. I really think Justin Bieber is talented and my daughter loved his music. However , right now she is disjointed in Justin. I hope the best for him . I know my daughter thought it was interesting he was touring Miami Beach and Miami . I don't think he has explored Little Havana or its Cultural Friday . I hope the best for Justin Bieber.

However, he gave me the opportunity to talk to my daughter about the issues of now. Justin Bieber is under alot of stress and facing alot of things. Some of those things teens around the world face. It gave me and opportunity to talk with my pre-teen. My daughter understands now the dangers of driving and drinking. Justin Bieber was only alleged to be intoxicated and driving. However this allowed for a teaching moment. We can have more family talks.

I recommend you take the time to discuss teen issues and life issues in your homeschool. I think it would be great seeing the movie : Justin Bieber's Believe - .

This will always be Aleli's favorite Bieber song ( Baby) : . The Song Baby also was a great time to discuss first love and issues of teen love. So open up with your kids and discuss what is on their minds. Make it a key in your homeschool home. Also discuss disappointment and other issues they might feel as they see their favorite singer go through so much. Be open to listen to them and just be there to guide.

I hope Justin Bieber can discuss these issues too with his mom and his fans. I think he is talented and has so much potential. I think he is role model and they are learning about life too from him. I know we discussed some life lessons right now and about the importance of family. You might want to visit the Wilkes Public Library and get a copy of the book with his biography.

Find books that can help you discuss stress, pressures and other teen issues they are facing.

You can get his book at Amazon too.

Take a look at the film and discuss some life lessons: .

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Learn more about this series of books for Girls at : .

Its crititcal to discuss with your teens about stress and pressures.

A good article is : .

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