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Lennon's song Imagine can reflect deep thought
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There is something eerie about the BeatlesJohn Lennon’s Song Imagine. Many Christians and patriots will immediately hear in the lyrics some naive and even erroneous thinking. He calls on others to imagine, one world, no borders, no wars, no belief in God or religion; just living for today. Yet, the yearning for peace and harmony is all through the song. It touches on matters that all honest and decent human beings have to deal with. Some do so by just finding something to believe. Others need to have an understanding of what life is about and why should they care. Of course you don’t have to be immediately correct in every step of your search for truth to learn, but time and chance is also involved. Who knows where Lennon would have ended up, if he had lived?

The Fact that he is dead underscores the most unsatisfactory part of his argument; that if you could reach that harmony, it all ends in a few years. It would all be in vain. Second worse thing is the fact that he and all are free to imagine, insures that they will. Each man knowing no earthly human being has any inherit ability that others should bow down to. Then their own desires uses that fact, when ends up at worse chaos or at best light versions of it. People have to willingly agree. The Problem is what human is so glorious that all men want to follow him? There is none. Thus what would happen in a world wide environment would be one of force; the strong overcoming the weak.

Thus God is pictured in Scripture of calling men to be contrary to this nature. In other words to consciously fight the, I want what I want attitude, doing to others what you want done to yourself. If people could do that, Lennon would have a leg to stand on for one part of his imagination. Alas, God says it takes his Spirit in the mind of a person before they can get over the “me” attitude. And even if men could do it on their own, they would still end up dead after about 70 or 80 or so years. No, all that effort just for death? If that is the case as it is written, we had better eat drink and be merry, because tomorrow we will be dead.

The brilliant founders of this country therefore did 4 major things that allow the people to gradually come to some basic agreement most of the time. (a) Established the concept that all rights come from outside of man (b) That all the religious and none religious folk could uncover those rights from “Nature’s God” via nature and science that comes from it. (c) Free religion from control by secular authority to freely act as upon people by moral suasion. (d) Divide government authority into 3 equal branches: those who make law, those who interpret law and those who execute law. All of this was done because man cannot be trusted to always and sometimes not even most of the time to act above the “me attitude. Too bad many no longer have a clue of why the founders did what they did. They think it was just another form of government.

Yet within Lennon’s song Imagine, is an instruction. Even in error, there can be a coming lesson. If a man told you that the most pleasing thing in the world is to stick you hand in fire and entice you into trying it; you will end up with greater knowledge, along with your scar. Some things are worse than scars. Some things are forever. Still the heart of one man answers to another. If we listen, we can often hear our own consideration which can be a starting point to learning or sharing wisdom.

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