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Lessons from Arlen Specter and Charlie Crist



  • Ana 6 years ago

    I see many differences between the Spected and Crist situations.

    Essentially, Specter flipped to keep a job. Charlie flipped to try to get one. Spected didn't change his stances, he just changed the letter after his name. Charlie never really had any stances to change. As you say, he was all over all sides of everything. Revolting.

  • Jack 6 years ago

    Its funny the GOP has tried for 12 years to get rid of Arlen. Obama gets in and 18 months later adios Arlen the light weight....

  • Kansasgirl 6 years ago

    Yomin writes, if a politician relys on slogans instead of substance, don't vote for him. That fits zero to a T.

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