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Thinking outside of the wedding box

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For some of us getting married again is wonderful, however, it has come to my attention that the wedding industry has gone runamuck! I could not believe that it could be so crazy! Just to get a small venue for 30 people it was going to cost well over $3000! Then add on food, decor, DJ, alcohol and OMG.

So, if you are going through all of this let me just say one thing loud and clear DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Sure, you want something nice and you want to share this moment with your friends and family, but wouldn't it be even nicer to take that $30,000 to $100,000 you will most likely end up spending and put it as a down payment on a home or something that will really benefit your new life together?

For those of us who have already had the big wedding and are thinking rationally, here are a few suggestions you could do to still have a beautiful wedding and be able to celebrate it with your friends and family.

1) Have a Beach wedding - Getting married all the beach is all the rage right now. There is usually a very small fee to the city or county and some are even free! Gather your best flip flops (no one will see them anyway under your dress) and head to the surf.

2) Have a Garden/Backyard wedding - Check with friends and family, there is bound to be someone who has a beautiful backyard or someone who knows someone with a beautiful backyard.

3) Have a Clubhouse wedding - Depending on the weather you may need to have your wedding inside. Most parks and some residential communities usually gated ones, have community/clubhouses that you can use, some for free if you are a resident and some for a very small fee.

4) BYOF wedding - This is perfect for those on a tight budget. Hit the park on a beautiful day and have your guests meet you there, the best part is they bring a food item to share. You can assign appetizers to a few, main course and dessert.

The key here is to be creative! To have fun you do NOT have to spend $$$$$$ thousands, you just have to think outside the box!

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