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Lesson fee of Ikebana Short Seminar Program is still less than $100

Do you like flowers ? Are you interested in Japanese traditional floral art called Ikebana ? Have you ever thought of learning Ikebana arrangement ? Are you at a loss about which instructor you should learn Ikebana from ?

A variety of Ikebana arrangements
California Flower Art Academy
Ikebana arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

If your answer to the above questions is “Yes”, Ikebana Short Seminar Program offered by California Flower Art Academy must be quite attractive. Ikebana is a Japanese traditional floral art that has about 1500 year history. Before European floral arrangement was introduced to Japan back in late 1980’s, Ikebana definitely dominated Japanese flower arrangement industry.

While young generation prefers European floral arrangement by paying special attention to the new type of floral art in Japan, we can find so many enthusiastic fans of Ikebana not only in Japan but also all over the world. Since the foundation of California Flower Art Academy back in 1990, Ikebana lessons have been offered to local residents. Although the skill of Ikebana arrangement cannot be used for typical floral business in the United States, many people who are interested in Japanese culture want to learn Ikebana.

In order to offer the opportunities of experiencing Ikebana arrangement at an affordable price, California Flower Art Academy started offering special short seminar called Ikebana Short Seminar Program early 2000’s at quite affordable price. By joining this short seminar, students can learn 2 basic designs of entry level Ikebana arrangement.

Due to increase of operating cost including flower materials, classroom rent fee as well as driving gas fee etc. etc. the lesson fee has been obliged to be raised gradually. In spite of repeated increase of the seminar fee, the current lesson fee as of February 2014 is still below $100.

Considering students can learn 2 designs and price includes not only flowers but also all other items necessary for arrangement such as Kenzan (needlepoint holder made of heavy metal) and Suiban (shallow type container specifically designed for Ikebana arrangement), the lesson fee of less than $100 should be considered quite affordable.

This short seminar lasts about 2.5 hours and it is offered almost every week at San Jose main classroom and also Burlingame extension class close to San Francisco Airport. There must be many prospective students who are wondering what kind of lesson they can take after enrollment and also how is the qualify of Ikebana lesson etc. etc.

For those who have even a little bit concern about the way of instruction and also the quality of lesson, this particular short seminar is highly recommended. They can evaluate the way California Flower Art Academy teaches Ikebana and also the quality of lesson before signing up for the official course such as Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course.

If you are interested in learning Ikebana arrangement, why not join Ikebana Short Seminar Program ? You can enjoy friendly hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions by a well experienced certified Ikebana instructor. For more information, feel free to contact We help you make a difference in floral art.

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