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Less than green: Kleenex Hand Towels


Screenshot from Kleenex Hand Towel commercial 

We have all known Kleenex as being a company that produces nose tissues and, well, that has been just fine…up until now.  The world is changing dramatically and we are all trying our hardest to conserve resources.  While everyone has been on a good track towards helping the planet, Kleenex decides to produce a commercial that seemingly throws all Green concepts out of the window.

At the part when the screen is halved, Kleenex tries to portray their product with a clean, bright bathroom but for all us Greenies, the side with the reusable towel seems the most appealing.  Seeing all those decently large paper towels being scarcely used then tossed in the trash is both painful and downright illogical.  
Below you will be able to watch a few videos viewers have created against the Kleenex Hand Towels commercial.  The videos have interesting facts about the usage of trees and how much resource is consumed in order to produce these so called clean products.  Take what you like from them but also try to keep in mind the side-effects of non-reusable products.   



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